Primrose Jasmine

Botanical Name: 
Jasminum Mesnyi

Primrose jasmine is a rambling, open evergreen shrub with long, slender, arching stems that will climb like a sprawling vine if given support. Without support, it grows in a fountainlike mound 5-10 ft (1.5-3.1 m) in height and spread. The stems are square in cross section, and green, becoming woody with age. The glossy dark green leaves are opposite and divided into three leaflets

Plant Characteristics
Plant Category: 
also refered to as Chinese Jasmine
Plant Type: 
Vine / Shrub / Evergreen
Yellow, trumpet shaped with 6-10 petals, almost 2 in across, and sweetly fragrant
Mature Size: 
5-10 ft x 5-10ft
Full to Partial Shade
Soil Type: 
use high alkaline rocky clay soil